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National Members
UAAD encourages the involvement of dance educators, artists, advocates, administrators, and students of diverse backgrounds, styles of dance, and areas of involvement. As such, it offers a variety of membership options to best suit the diverse needs of the individuals and institutions it serves. Members are diverse in age, gender, socioeconomic status, ability and ethnicity working in diverse environments. They represent private schools of dance, preK-12 education, professional preparation programs, performing arts organizations and academies, professional dance companies, colleges and university dance programs, and cultural and community programs. They collectively teach, create, and perform all genres of dance.

International Members
Since 2010 UAAD accepts international members to enrich the diversity of the culture in dance. Along with the exchanges of the cultures, the UAAD is looking forward to have dancers from Asia who would be willing to contribute for the arts and culture. International members can be recommended by a current UAAD member.

Honor Members
Honor Members are members of UAAD that have been elevated to supreme level of recognition on the basis of their distinguished accomplishments in performance, research, teaching, and their outstanding contributions to the UAAD. No more than twenty members may be elevated to Honor Member during any biennium.
Nominations may be made by any UAAD Chapter, a previously elevated Honor Member, a member of the Board. A candidate for elevation to Honor Member is then selected from the list of nominees as many times is necessary to achieve a clear majority vote.
UAAD is extremely proud to honor these members who have provided great leadership to the profession.

Founding Members
Founding Members are individuals who made a contribution of $2,000 or more to UAAD.  Founding Members are ranged from executive directors of renowned dance companies to dance enthusiasts who have passions for furthering and strengthening professional dance.

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